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Launched in February 2002, Screentrade Magazine covers all aspects of Cinema Exhibition and Film Distribution and enjoys a wide global readership including CEOs, technical and managerial decision-makers that grows with each issue. Screentrade is headquartered in London, England.


Screentrade, having quickly established a reputation for getting to the center of industry matters, among them the Digital debate, film piracy and closing windows, is read by industry players. In addition to welcoming debate on new ideas, trends and technology for cinemas, Screentrade discusses the people issues that impact our industry. Screentrade is one of the few magazines to concentrate both wholly and exclusively upon Exhibition and Distribution, dealing with all facets of each, focusing closely on cinema operations and techniques to ensure one's own economic growth.


In keeping with this debate motif, Screentrade encourages opinions and contributions from all sectors of the industry. We are one of the few journals to publish letters from our readers. If you have editorial ideas or thoughts of your own to share for future publication, please write to:


Screentrade Magazine is published quarterlly, just prior to each of the major International Exhibitor Conferences:

  • Winter - CinemaCon - Published February

  • Spring - CineEurope - Published May

  • Late Summer - ShowEast - Published September

  • Autumn - CineAsia - Published November

"Screentrade is informative and offers good insights into Exhibition's trends and history...and is good also at examining interesting areas of Cinema that one might routinely overlook."



Mike Thomson, Commercial Director

UGC Cinemas

"Screentrade is one of those rare publications that dives deep and examines the trends and critical issues facing the exhibition industry...[Screentrade] brings together business leaders and technology pioneers, and creates a forum for dicsussing the initiatives that will have great impact on the European cinema market."


Ann Brighouse, Director of Marketing

THX Ltd.

"Informative, interesting, newsy, readable by all in exhibition and distribution...Screentrade is a book you keep rather than throw away after reading."


Peter Dobson, former SVP International Film

Warner Bros.

"Screentrade is by far the most useful publication for Exhibition I've run across if for no other reason than it is never shy of taking on the difficult issues facing our industry; issues that other journals shy away from. Screentrade is a perfect blend of shear enjoyment and valuable education."


Russell Wintner, former President

Access IT Digital Media (Cinedigm)

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